Friday, 4 September 2009

On 11

Now that the kids are back in school I'm trying to get caught up around the house. I've been working on getting rid of the paper piles we tend to accumulate. I found a paper Jill had written about being 11 that I thought was worth preserving.....

Eleven. Simply rolls off the tongue. It sound so much better than the thud of 10. Three syllables. The first number with more than two syllables.

Eleven is like a french door leading to a whole new perspective of life. This new perspective would be symmetric, mature, and uplifting to others and oneself.

The roman number for 11 is XI. If this were an abbreviation it might stand for x-tremely important. It is the number after ten. No longer a child. Officially a tween.

The eleventh letter of the alphabet is J. The first letter of first and middle name is J. I was meant to be 11.

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The Lawlor's said...

That's great! So deep. I don't know if I could have said those things when I was eleven.

Good job Jill. And good job Dawn for keeping it! She will thank you.