Monday, 28 September 2009


I was going through pictures on my camera and realized I hadn't posted about my peach canning day! September has been terribly terribly busy. I kept putting off canning my peaches. One afternoon I realized if I didn't do them that day I might never find the time - so in one afternoon I got to work and did 100 pounds of peaches! I worked feverishly all afternoon and into the evening and got them all done. It's so wonderful to fill my shelves with new canned peaches.

I also made a little peach crisp. I put in apples, peaches and a few blueberries. So good!!

If anyone wants to get me a new canner for Christmas present I'd be thrilled! I would like one that is a little taller. This one covers my peach jars...but just barely and it ends up meaning a lot of water boiling over and making a mess. A taller one would be so wonderful!

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