Friday, 18 September 2009

Deal of the Week

We went to the Superstore Warehouse on Barlow and 32nd. Got 3 kg of summer sausage for $9.99 and 3 kg of pepperoni for $9.00! I sliced it up nice and thin with my meat slicer and put it in baggies in the freezer so that a baggie would be good for about a day's worth of sandwiches for everyone in the family.

I was in Superstore the other day and saw they had 2 kg of the same kind of sausage for $18.99. SO! If I'd bought that sameamount in the Superstore store itself I would have had to spend $56.97. Instead I spent $18.00

....and I haven't even started to try to figure out how much it would have cost if I had bought the little packages of sandwich meat individually to add up to 6 kg of sandwich meat.

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