Sunday, 6 September 2009

Family Dinner

Family dinner and everyone is hard at work.....

Well, almost everyone. We gave Uncle Clifford and Aunt Marvelle a break. :0)
Okay...the kids weren't that helpful either.....
Nor was Neil.....(but he builds a mean shed!) He was really the reason for the season...the prodigal son came home :0)
Back in the kitchen....Mom and Gaylene trying to make enough potatoes to satisfy Duane
Duane the Turkey thief.....
Allen and Jill
Syd and Hailey
Ryan, Ava, Taylor, Gaylene and Axel
Allen and Aunt Marvelle
Taylor and Axel
Grandma and Axel
Cleaning up after dinner....Brad holds up the cupboard well Duane gets his towel ready.....

I think this was over Duane's opportunism towards Brad and the pot with the knob......
This doesn't make sense to anyone but those that were there....but it was as good as I could get given how hard I was laughing over Duane and mom's dare to get the knob....


And Chico was so good!! He might even get invited again.

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