Saturday, 10 October 2009

Hyde Thanksgiving Dinner

This Thanksgiving seemed more important than any I remember. Aunt Colleen kept saying that we have much to be grateful for - and she's right. There's been a lot of health issues in our family. Dad is responding to his cancer treatments. Heidi and her broken leg and blood clots have been quite a rollercoaster and luckily she is healing and even luckier, has an amazing family that has really stepped in and helped out during a hard time. Aunt Marvelle is enduring plety of health challenges but still seems to maintain a happy spirit. She's a well loved matriarch in our family!
Here are a few pictures from the day:
My cute boy with Gus. Gus is a tiny new puppy that my cousin Ryan got for his family. Peirce just adored this little dog and played with him all day.

Must have been a good joke that someone told!

Visiting after dinner

Aunt Marvelle

Gaylene and in crime.

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