Thursday, 15 October 2009

Let It Snow!

Everyone should have young kids. It makes this crazy weather so much more endurable!

I always hope the snow will hold out until at least Halloween. Not the case this year! We had a big dump...and the kids are loving it!

I've rarely seen kids have such a good time waiting for the bus as at our bus stop this morning. We've got quite a few kids at our bus stop anyway and this morning we had a few extras as their bus didn't show up. The kids were playing and hooping and hollering so much that they even woke up the grumpy Asian lady that lives in the house by the bus stop. She came out and scowled at us. Oops! It's really got to suck having a bus stop right in front of her house. I think we might need to take her some cookies (maybe fortune cookies!)

We have a girl gang in our neighborhood. This summer a family of three little girls moved in and Peirce has had a great time playing with them. He calls them the girl gang. On the way home from school Peirce noticed the girl gang was playing in the snow so he decided to ditch me and hang out with them. I went home and got things ready for dinner and for swimming and then picked him up when it was time to take off for swimming. He had such a good time! Peirce is always much more loving and appreciative when he gets to do things like that. When I picked him up he said, "Thanks for picking me up for swimming mom. That was so fun! We were building a secret tunnel to get to the inner chambers of the earth....." and he went on and on and on and on. When we were almost the pool (which is about 10 minutes away on a really bad traffic day) he finally took a breath and then said, "What do you think the girls are doing now?"

Kids are so entertaining. I love it.

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