Monday, 5 October 2009

My Continuing Homework Rant

I have blogged before about homework. I am not a big fan of homework. My experience has been that most homework sent home is tedious and often not worth the time. I don't mind reading or if a assignment is brought home that wasn't finished in class because time wasn't used properly by my child - but I really despise worksheets because more often than not they're just busy work and we don't need someone else filling out time with busy work of their choosing. I also don't believe in the theory that kids ought to get used to it because soon they'll be in X grade and getting homework. Or that we have to teach them to study so they're prepared for.....(fill in the favorite for that blank is University. Give me a break!)
When they need to do homework we'll do homework. If you ask me kids need more family time and more time to just be kids!

We just had parent-teacher interviews and I made a point of discussing this with my daughter's teacher. She seemed quite on board with my thinking and basically it sounded like we were on the same page. At least I thought we were - until Friday came along. Jill came home on Friday with some homework: a project about pets (okay with that one) as well as a fall coloring sheet. Coloring sheet?? Are we seriously concerned about her cutting and coloring skills? I know I'm not.

She told me the other day she is sick of all the coloring assignments they get. I told her to try to be patient with that kind of stuff. Sometimes teachers use it to kind of keep some kids busy while other kids are finishing up. However, when coloring assignments come home for homework I have to wonder?! Times like this I totally agree with bloggers like this.

In the meantime, Peirce really likes coloring - so he and I did it. I must say, we did a bang up job too! :0) Jill worked on her pet project while we colored and we all had a great time.

So why do I feel guilty?? I need to be more like this blogger....

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Kelly said...

Dawn I read the blogger and her daughter Flea. Too funny!
And what grade is Jill? She still needs coloring sheets??
You really should be a teacher in the system!! I think it needs more like you.