Friday, 2 October 2009

No More TV

We've recently banned the TV in our house unless permission is given to turn the TV on. I found that as soon as walk in the house the TV was turned on and kids flopped on the couch and it was driving my nuts. That, coupled with a couple other incidents, have caused us to shut it off all together, at least for a few days.

One of the other reasons I have made this move is from listening to a radio program about the mind-numbing effects of TV. It was interesting to hear the person interviewed talk about the effects of TV on kids. If it were anything else that did that to my kids I wouldn't hesitate to ban it. Why do we let TV do that?

Having it off has been so wonderful! I love having the kids visit with each other and with me, to color together, make crafts, read, etc. We just might continue this long term! (Don't tell our kids yet though)

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