Wednesday, 21 October 2009


Conversations in the van are often quite entertaining with J&P. Today they were talking about what they like to do at recess. Jill has been playing football instead of the daily soccer match that has taken place for the last two or three years. Peirce jumped into the conversation to say he's been playing soccer lately too, and then added that he had trouble kicking it the way Mme Janet says they're supposed to (on the side of their foot). Jill said, "Oh, don't listen to her! She always has all these dumb rules!" Peirce agreed with her and said that they were using hoola hoops in gym and she told them to show them what they can do with hoola hoops. He can swing the hoola hoop around his neck but when he did that she told him and the whole class that that wasn't safe. Jill responded, "Oh! She's so pre-cautious!"

Me: Pre-cautious? What's pre-cautious? Do you mean precocious?

J: No! Definitely pre-cautious. She's always cautious before she has to be.

Of course! Pre-cautious!!


Alysha said...

hahahhahah that cracked me up!!

Anonymous said...

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