Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Why I Love the Library

The past few months I've come to a slow realization that there are people out there that aren't library enthusiasts. I met one person who has NEVER been to the library. One child to me her mother won't let her have a library card until she reads all the books she has at home. I met another person who is well-read and intelligent and likes to read - but doesn't like the public library because the books she wants are never at the branch she goes to...she didn't know she can get them sent to her at her branch.

The first memories I have of the library were around age 7. I remember going into town in our truck. We'd stop at the library and get a bunch of books. I'd sit in the truck in the backseat, crouched down, surrounded by books, and read while my mom did errands (she must have hauled my younger siblings along with her....I don't recall them at all on those days! I must have been lost in my own world of books!) Then at the end of the day of errands we'd stop at the library again, return those books, and get some more.

When we were first married and very poor the library was a great source of entertainment.

Then when we had our first child and were poorer it was an even greater valued resource.

We're still not rich - and we still love the library!
I love to spend an hour or so alone browsing the shelves, jumping into this topic or that topic, and finding gems to take home. I sip and nibble and feast on many different books.

I love surfing the web and finding great books to read - and having the library gather them up for me so I can just run in and grab them and go when I don't have hours to spend there.

I love the libraries that have made sunny corners and installed fireplaces where I can sit and read in comfort. All I need is a hot mug of steamed milk!

Oh wait!! I love how the downtown library has a place where you CAN buy steamed milk (okay...that's a lie...I used to love that. I wished that Good Earth would come back! Whatever happened??!)

I love being able to check out a book for FREE to see if it is worth buying.

I love being able to borrow DVDs (sorry Blockbuster! I have no idea how you're making it now that the library has such an expanded selection!)

I love books on CD.

I love the library programs. I LOVE the library programs.

I'm always surprised when I run into people that don't love the library like I love the library. I often feel like I should take them there and help them realize the things they're missing out on. However, I've learned to not say much. Some people think I'm a nerd when I get on my evangelical rant about libraries.

Oh well.

I do love the library. Our library charges $12 a year for the priviledge of borrowing. It's the best $12 I spend all year!

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Monica said...

My sentiments to the letter!!! I love the library! and you are right, why Blockbuster when you can have the library! he he he!