Thursday, 30 December 2010

Home Sweet Home

This week I've had some time to do some well-needed housecleaning - and it has felt so good!! I have decided that I will go back to living the FlyLady way because otherwise I'll just spend all day cleaning and organizing. I haven't quite decided if it's because I like cleaning, or simply because I love the results. All I know is the past year or so it seems like I haven't had time to do enough of that and so now it's time to catch up. I'm officially no longer working as a Scheduler (aka as a time-sucking 24 hour work from home affair), and I'm no longer the treasurer for the swim club (another huge time-sucker!)...and what a difference it makes in my day! I feel so at peace it is just astounding....and I'm loving have a little more time to do more things to make life just a little better - like getting our house back to being more like a home. The past few months I didn't even want to have people over...but that's all changing now!

I thought about taking some before and after pictures - but that would just be embarrassing. The other day I spent my 15 minutes of zone work cleaning up our computer rid of all the old papers and unorganized piles of stuff...and it's such a lovely place to work now! And the beauty is it really only took 15 minutes. Every time I walk past it I want to pause and admire it again.

We made this space years ago. I was working from home and babysat one little boy in the afternoons - which was great. Only one day the repercussions of being too focused on scheduling, and having my desk set up in the far corner of the house, resulted in them cutting each other's hair.....oh what a sat day that was! So we decided we should change where I worked and we set up this desk in our front closet! It worked wonderfully and I had long since moved to working on a laptop - but we still kept the desk because it was so great to have a central place like that for the computer....and when we have people over we want to we just close the door and poof! It's gone.

...and today it's all organized and clean. Love it!!

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