Wednesday, 15 December 2010

I'm a Rock Star

Tonight I took Jill and Peirce to watch the Christmas concert my old school was putting on. It was so fun to watch it. The class I taught the first 3 months of the year is mostly boys. Watching them up there sing Christmas songs was hilarious. They love standing up in front of a crowd and singing songs! NOT!! LOL It was sure fun to watch them though.

It's so fun to go to things like that. I felt like a rock star. So many people say, "Mrs. Ackroyd!! Hi!!" and even some of those tough boys in my class came up and hugged me. It was so fun. Peirce said to me, "Mom, I think the kids in this school really must have liked you!" A bit of an eye-opener for my darling children who think their mom is the ultimate in not cool.

One of the boys from my class was Scrooge (they did A Christmas Carol) and he did such a gret job. At the end of it, during the bows I felt like my heart would burst! I was so proud of them brought tears to my eyes. I'm kind of weird that way. I often come close to tears during the bows of a performance - but when it's kids I know and love, it comes quite quickly!

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