Friday, 31 December 2010

Courage? Or Submitting My Will? Or Both?!

I've been thinking a lot lately about how grateful I am to be able to start a new teaching job in January. When I was interviewed for the position they asked me to tell them about myself. I told them how I had taught 12 years ago, and loved it, then stayed home with my children, and now that they're older, decided to go back to teaching. She said to me, "That was really brave." I was kind of taken back and didn't know what she meant and so I asked her. She said it was brave to try to come back after so many years away.

I've thought a lot about that little comment, and wonder about it. I didn't really think I was doing anything brave at all - I was really just following my heart.

Truthfully, how everything all fell together must have been destiny. When I called them to see if I could apply to sub they initially said their sub list was closed. I expressed my disappointment and told the lady how I really loved the Charter School concept and had taught at one previously. That changed the conversation. She took my resume and I started subbing right away.

Then I was content to sub. I watched all the postings and didn't apply for any and then later regretted that. Then in June I got a call to ASK if I'd be willing to take on a contract. When does that happen??

I have so many connections to this school, it's simply amazing - and it goes way back. I have actually planned for years that I would check it out one day and hoped to teach there. I am stunned how it all has fallen into place.

Maybe I shouldn't be too surprised though. Maybe that's just how life works! I'm not really sure it was courage. I tend to think it was moreso being willing to submit to what God wanted me to do, and grab opportunities when they show up. The one thing I know for sure is I am just plain grateful!

.....and Oprah seems to agree:

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