Friday, 31 December 2010

Goodbye 2010

What a year it's been! I will forever savor the sweet and remember the bitter. Writing this post has made me so glad that I blog!!

  • My dad passed away. 2009 was our last Christmas with him, and we miss him so much. I never thought my mother would be a widow at such a young age. I never imagined life without my dad. There's always a hole. I'm grateful for the great life he lived. I loved the obituary my mom wrote. I think it's the best one I've ever seen.

  • We watched lots and lots and lots of swimming. So glad Jill has something she is so passionate about. In the fall Peirce decided he didn't want to swim, then decided he wanted to (swimming is much better than sitting around the pool waiting for your sister to finish swimming.....but alas, the program was full!). I'm happy to say in 2011 he's going back to swimming! Jill also started early morning practises. Yawn!

  • My little girl has changed into a beautiful young lady. I`m amazed at how much she has grown up this past year. Something magic happened when she turned 12. Hardly a week goes by where someone doesn't come up to me and say, "What is going on with Jill? She's so grown up all of a sudden!"

  • We found out we were expecting, and then again experienced the heart ache of loss. I still feel like our family is incomplete. I'm not sure if that is because we will have someone else join our family, or if I will always feel the sadness of pregnancy loss. I still don't know. All I know is it has forever changed me.

  • Peirce turned 8 and got baptized!! He's such a great little boy. He adds a zest to our family that we all appreciate.

  • I decided I'd had enough of the world of Scheduling and have slowly returned to the world of teaching. It has been wonderful! I slowly cut back in the fall, until in December when I was cut loose. So excited about the change! I even made a new label in my blog called "Adventures in Teaching" so I could record some of the great experiences and learning moments. It was a lot of work, but all meant to be, I think. So happy to be back in the world of teaching! I still plan to do mystery shopping though. I love having money in my PayPal account!

  • We spent most of the year as a one car family. There were some benefits to that - it sure makes you scale back and simplify life...which isn't always a bad thing. I sure was happy when in September we got a second vehicle again.

  • I love my husband more and more every year. One of my goals in 2011 is to go on a date every week with him. Can't wait!

  • I read some great books, but not as much as I would have liked to. Life got a little busy in the transition from scheduling to teaching, but I survived. I also worked on our food storage, and enjoyed serving in Primary. What a great experience that has been!

  • Allen spent the whole year in our ward! He got released from High Council and called into the Bishopric. It's been a real learning curve, and we're proud of him and all he does for the ward. I realized that I didn't even blog about this this year though. Weird!

Wow! Life is good! It is a great experience to go back and look at the year and all that has happened. It has made me want to be a better blogger!! There are lots of things I missed blogging about. Here's to blogging in 2011!

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