Saturday, 8 January 2011

Catching up

Cell Phone Camera!! I could go back and back-blog but to keep life simpler I thought I'd just upload some of my recent cell phone camera pictures in one post.

Last Sunday was the first Sunday of our new theme in primary: I Know The Scriptures Are True. This is our singing lady with the new scriptures her husband gave her for Christmas!! LOL It was a big hit in primary. So fun!

Over the holidays we went to quite a few movies: Yogi Bear, Tron, and Tangled (we really need to go to an adult movie now and then I think!) Here is a picture of Jill and Peirce in the hurricane simulator. Hilarious!

Peirce and his good friend Lucy. We went rollerskating at Lloyd's. I love going there. Talk about stepping back in time! It hasn't changed a bit there since I used to go every Saturday when I was 11.

Cousins! This was taken on Jordan's birthday at Aunt Colleen's. Happy Birthday Jordan!! A teenager now. Eeeek!

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marcella said...

Those giant scriptures are awesome! What a great visual aid!