Thursday, 6 January 2011

Day 3....and life is good

Today was day 3. I have to say: I'm really really really loving my new teaching job. The teacher I'm replacing is amazing and very organized - and it seems like, at times, this class practically runs itself! It's truly amazing. She's a live lesson on how the things the school asks us to do really do work and make life easier. As long as I can get over the kids bossing me around, it's all going to be great.

How do they boss me around? Well, the routines are so deeply engrained, they are always telling me now you're supposed to do this, or now you're supposed to do that. LOL At first I paid careful attention, then it seemed a little irritating - but then I decided I'd be patient with it all because they really do have some great suggestions.

Best of all, I've started reading The Invention of Hugo Cabaret with them, and they're loving it!

I got a note today from a parent saying her child hasn't done any home reading for two weeks and to make her do it (???). I've done a lot of thinking about that. There's no way I can MAKE any kid do anything, let alone home reading where parents are the real influencers. But then again, maybe influence is the key. I decided I'm going to try to infuse my love of reading into all of them. My goal is to have reading-obsessive kids by the end of the year!!

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