Friday, 24 June 2011

Crazy Weekend Life!

Most people love Fridays because it's the start of rest and relaxation. Personally, I find I have to take a deep breath and get ready to get my crazy on. This weekend is no different. Tonight Peirce and I went shopping to get ready for his party. It was really quite fun.

Allen and I even had a little time to hang out....that was a nice change!

Jill had swim Practise then babysat. She fell asleep though so we went over to drag her home (besides we always like a good excuse to go visit with Nathan and Becky)

Tomorrow's schedule? Hem dresses, clean the house, party with 9 year olds at Calaway Park, go to an awards banquet for swimming, then fall into bed so I can get to my 7 am meeting on Sunday.

Yup. Deep breath! Here we go!!

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