Saturday, 11 June 2011

Stake Primary Activity

The stake put on a primary activity today. Planning an activity for 180 kids is not for the faint of heart! I admire them for what they pulled off!

The theme, of course, went with the theme for Primary this year: I Know The Scriptures are True. First the kids were all divided up into the 12 tribes of Israel. Peirce was in Reuben's tribe. We went to the primary room to learn about people from the Old and New Testament.

First we learned about Peter. President Zemp was dressed up as Peter. He said he loved fishing, so if any of the kids guessed wrong about who he was they would have to eat a raw fish. He also said he liked to eat locusts. There were lots of wrinkled noses over that comment. He was also the only person, besides Jesus, to ever walk on water.

Then we learned about Daniel. He taught a poem:

Wherever I am,

Whatever the day,

Heavenly Father is

Only a prayer away.

We met Noah next. He brought some of his animals too!

After that it was Adam and Eve. They ate an apple too! (For old time's sake?)

Last of all, in that room, was Esther.

The next room we went to was where the kids got to do a craft. They took pictures from the scriptures and made their own mini scriptures.

Here is Peirce doing the craft.
After that we travelled to a room where we learned about people from the Book of Mormon.

This is Sam, I mean Alma the Younger! (Sam is Allen's cousin) He did a great job talking about how remorseful he felt that he was such a problem child while his dad was the prophet. He talked about how he even saw an angel! After that he repented and became a great missionary.

This is Mormon. He even brought along some gold plates!

Next was Captain Moroni. He teasedthat he was Tin-Foil man - but the kids knew better.

And there is the Title of Liberty!

Last of all was Ammon. He told about how he just wanted to be a good missionary and so he didn't marry the king's daughter. He loved sheep, and went about doing the things the king asked. He even had an arm he had chopped off when the robbers came to scatter the king's sheep! Ewwww! That was a big shock! :)

After that we went into the gym. All the kids sat in their tribes. Pharoah was sitting there looking over everyone (or something like that!)

Soon, in walked Moses and Aaron! President Thomas was dressed up as Moses, and President Rausch was Aaron.

They told us the stories of trying to get Pharoah to let the people go. There were plagues and everything. Soon it was time to leave. We went through the Red Sea that Moses had parted!

We wandered in the wilderness for quite a while. The weather was not great. However, while we travelled we received mana from heaven! (Well, actually it was popcorn) We learned about how they received enough for each day. If they tried to keep extra, it rotted. But the day before the Sabbath they received more, and it stayed fresh for the Sabbath. A miracle for sure.

It was kind of chaotic and slow traveling through the wilderness. Sometimes people complained.

While we were traveling in the wilderness we got very thirsty. Moses struck this rock with his staff and water came out of it!

We also saw miracles! Moses put a serpent on a stick, and when people looked at it, they were healed! They taught it that this was to teach the Israelites about Jesus Christ as we just need to look to Jesus to be healed.

This is President Rausch, I mean Aaron, teaching us about the snakes. Moses didn't do a lot of talking. Aaron was his mouthpiece most of the time.

We were all happy to finally get to the Promised Land, even though Moses and Aaron were not able to come with us. The Promised Land was full of hot dogs and chips and millions of cookies! A blessing for sure!


Renee said...

That was the best Primary activity I've ever attended! They did a great job!

Karyn said...

For how many kids were there, the stake pulled off a miracle!! It really was great. Carter told the neighbor boys all about!

Karyn said...

Carter is still talking about it. The stake pulled off a small miracle today being able to keep the attention of all of those children! It really was great. Great recap of the activity by the way!!