Saturday, 18 June 2011

So Proud of My Girl

This weekend was the Age Group Challenge swim meet in Medicine Hat - also known as B Provincials. Here's the summary from what I said on Facebook:

She got silver in 50 back, made finals for a bunch of races (8 swims in total yesterday) and shook off a real disappointment in 200 fly and kept giving it her all in her other races. She was 30 seconds ahead of everyone else, but got DQ'd. ...She does this weird thing where she skips a stroke. Didn't get DQ'd in any of her other races for it (she did all the fly races) but in that one the S&t guy said no go......she was so sad. It was her tkt to A's. The finals for 100 fly were today but she decided she wasn't going to swim on Sunday....and she was 1sec off an A time in that one. I told her we could stay if she wanted to swim it but she was pretty sure she'd get blessed more if she didn't swim on Sunday. *sigh* So really, she did a lot of great things, just hoped for some metal to show for it. She's decided though she is going to work out all summer and start the next season stronger. Maybe next year will be her A year. She was hundredths of a second off an A time more than once. Bitter sweet. I am sure she will get rid of her weird skip a stroke habit she does now too. :). Nothing like a big disappointment to give one BIG motivation. I told her there isn't anyone who accomplished something great that didn't have to fight through disappointing results. She gets it.

She had six races this weekend and made finals for 5. The one she missed was hundredths of a second differences. :) watching it all totally wore me out. LOL stressful!

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