Friday, 10 June 2011

Food Storage Day!

I love the Airdrie Provident Living Co-op. Today we got big bags of wheat, split green peas, and soy beans. I love filling up our food storage room! I guess I will have to get searching for things to make with split green peas besides just ham soup.

The lady who was there handing out the purchases when I picked up the soy beans asked what I do with them. I told her my husband can't eat any milk products so I make soy milk. She said her husband can't either and she had looked that up on the internet but it looked way too complicated. I told her I don't do it in any complicated way at all. I bought a soy milk machine and it works lickety split! Honestly, I think it's my most loved small appliance in the kitchen. I think it saves us hundreds of dollars every year.

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