Tuesday, 30 April 2013


I did it again!! I came close this month to not doing it. We got a van last week and the fun of driving won out over walking for a few days. The last two days I had to do 10K each day....which was not easy - but I did it! Last night I had to do 10K in the evening. I decided to walk to the school and back. By the time I was headed out to do the 5K home it was snowing! Argh! I wasn't dressed for it - but I found a scarf in my classroom and went ahead and did it anyway. It wasn't so bad either. Today I walked 3K during my lunch hour. I was soooo tired today from walking late at night yesterday. When I got home I knew I needed someone to help me. I called my friend, Patti, and we walked tonight. It was a total lifesaver. We talked and walked and I totally forgot about how tired I was....which I don't think would have happened if I had walked alone. I tend to think I probably would have said 94 was good enough and called it a night. Thank goodness for friends!

I wonder how many 100K months in a row I can string together??!

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