Saturday, 6 April 2013

Turns out.....

Yesterday we drove to Raymond for a funeral. I love going on road trips because it is a great time for reading. Yesterday I read an amazing book called The Book Whisperer. I found a kindred spirit in Donalyn Miller! She is obsessive about reading too! She believes the same things I believe about reading. The beautiful part is now I finally have some tools for implementing what I believe into my daily classroom practices.

Poor Allen got to listen to me read excerpts, listen to me rant and rehash and think out loud about how I can make this work in my classroom. He is a good sport. I love that he loves reading too.  On Wednesday I had a reading tragedy. I was reading what I thought was the 2nd book in he Silverwing series. I was volunteering at the hockey game and had arrived a little early...well, I thought I was a little early. Turned out the game was an hour later than I realized so I was REALLY early. That was okay because I had a great book and relished the thought of having an hour or so to get deep into it. As I read though I realized I might be reading the wrong book. I went into the Flames office to get someone to google the library phone number. "I have a reading emergency!" I said. They chuckled and in the conversation one lady said, "I probably haven't read a book in 20 years." As I told Allen this story his lip curled. He said, "That is so embarrassing. Why would she say that out loud? That's like saying you haven't brushed your teeth in 20 years."

I fell a little more in love with him in that moment.

Anyway, back to The Book Whisperer:

Donalyn Miller has a blog. I was excited to get on the computer and read it. Sadly, the last post I found was from 2012. My heart sank. She is off the band wagon? How can it be?!

I kept looking - only to find out she is the created of Nerdy Book Club! This is a bog I read faithfully every day. I am amazed with this blog. They have new people write for it all the time. They have great info. I get a lot of great book ideas and great bogs to read from The Nerdy Book Club. As a matter of fact, I was just telling Allen yesterday about how great that blog is. Too funny. I have been sidling up to Donalyn Miller for months (years?) and didn't even know it.

It does my heart good to have days like this. I am so excited about reading with my students!

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Becky said...

Sounds like such a great read!
It was so fun to hear you say that about falling a little more in love with Allen after his funny remark.
I love you guys!!!!