Monday, 29 April 2013


Fernie is the big meet of the year that the kids really look forward to. It is a lot of fun. They rent a bus and the kids all go on the bus and parents follow along in their vehicles. They love going on the bus and I love driving alone. We especially enjoy this meet because we usually stay in Sparwood at my sister's. It's nice to visit them because we rarely get down that way.

The Fernie pool is small. The kids are packed into the kiddie pool and there is not a lot of watching area....but we have a great time anyway!

Jill wasn't feeling well this weekend and so she didn't make any great strides in her races. She had a great time though! Peirce, on the other hand, really took a lot of time off! He had three races and took time off each one. Best of all was his 200 IM. He took off 17 seconds!

After the races they have a pizza party and night of Minute to Win It Games. It is a great time for everyone!

Jill really enjoys being one of the "big kids". They hang out all Saturday afternoon trolling around Fernie, and, of course, swimming.

There's lots of crazy fun there!

I hung out with my mom and sister and visited with them, did a bunch of reading, listened to a great book on CD, got some marking done, and did a bunch of walking! Fernie is a wonderful place to walk. All in all, a great weekend!

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