Sunday, 20 March 2016

Day 80 I'll Go Where You Want Me To Go

After a few experiences where I didn't listen to the whisperings of the spirit recently, my new focus is to do a better of job of listening to and following promptings.

When I didn't listen:

1. The day our car was stolen, I had noticed my wallet in the car as I went into the house. The thought that went through my head was about my SIL who had her window smashed and window stolen. I thought, "It would be a sad day if that happened to me too." I then left my wallet and went into the house. That night our car was stolen. It has been a real pain in the neck having to replace everything in that wallet! If only I had listened!

2. Recently, as my son was going into the church for activity night, I thought I should tell him to leave his ipod in the car. My thought was he shouldn't be listening to it during the activity. He should be paying attention to the activity....but I also decided I didn't want to be a motherly I didn't say it. That night someone stole his ipod at the activity...really disappointing for him and sad for me because I should have listened!

It's always interesting when you realize you should have listened and didn't. I'm ready to have experiences where I DO listen and have good experiences :)

All week, I've been feeling like I should go to 6th ward this Sunday. One of the benefits of a stake calling is having a good excuse to go to different wards. I felt kind of weird about it...why should I go to 6th ward. I figured though I had had the thought enough times that I should listen.

I did go. It was a nice Sunday. I felt very comfortable there. I arrived just as the meeting was starting so I decided to slip into the back, even though the chairs there are very hard. I looked over and saw this tiny Phillipino woman and knew that I knew her. She is about 4' tall. Her feet hardly touch the floor when she's sitting on the church chairs.

Turns out she is "Bing"! She is a good friend of Allen's family from the Phillipines, where his dad served his mission. When she came to Canada she lived with them. She must have hugged me 25 times when I told her who I was.

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