Tuesday, 29 March 2016

Day 89 Home Alone

Today my kids are back in school, but I still have one more week of spring break (one of the reasons this is my favourite holiday!) I am very rarely home alone....but this is one week when I am. It is nice to have such beautiful weather to enjoy it. I enjoyed puttering around, reading for hours, exercising and having leisurely cooking time.

I love my sunny kitchen. Today I cleaned the window sill and the windows in the kitchen as well as wiped down some cupboard doors and put away stuff that seems to have been sitting on the counters forever.

Look at that clear counter! (Never mind the other counters....all things in time) :)

Love my kitchen window. The last few years I have been keeping plants alive. Big step! I am getting more courageous about gardening!

Some of my favourite things for remembering Destiny are kept here:

- the porcelain flower was from Joanne Hogg. She wanted to give me something that would last to remember Destiny. 
- the girl with outstretched arms was from my next door neighbor who wanted to remind me that I was strong and could get through hard times. 
- the little girl was a clay figure Jill made to remember Destiny. 
- the rock was from the "ceremony of remembrance" we went to at the Rockyview Hospital with a number of other parents who had stillborn babies......oh what an experience that was!

I love cleaning up this little space and shining up the windows. The sun shines in my kitchen in the mornings. It is a glorious place.

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