Thursday, 31 March 2016

Day 91 Tricky Lentils

In order to cut down on the uric acid issues from meat (now and then Allen struggles with gout), we eat lentils a fair bit. They're a good source of protein and really inexpensive! I have converted Jill. She appreciates the benefits of lentils now. Not Peirce though. He's still a hold out. He pretty much refuses to eat them.

Tonight I made sloppy joes with green lentils. They had lots of great spices in them. A perfect blend! We had home made bread, toasted it, and put the sloppy joes on the toast. Peirce wolfed down one piece and was well into his second when he said, "Wait a minute. Are you tricking me into eating lentils??!"

No tricks here. I'd never trick when it comes to lentils :)

It was a great dinner. Pasta salad, coleslaw and sloppy joes on toast.

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