Monday, 1 October 2018

Soeur Ackroyd Updates

I got a text from a lady today. Her name was Heidi Poulter from Farmington, UT and she sent a picture of Jill. She said: She is healthy, happy and a wonderful missionary and she sends her love!

Last week they had zone conference. This is Jill with her zone. I have no idea what that building is - but it sure sets a scene!

Update: I asked Jill about the building. She said:

It's so funny that you asked about the building where we do zone conference. That's just the chapel in downtown Paris! It's share with an apartment building and it has a super spooky basement that would look like catacombs to the untrained eye. It's also funny that you say it's amazing because that's how like ALL the buildings are here. Sometimes I feel used to how amazing it is. 

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