Monday, 22 October 2018

The week where I eat 6 éclairs

Hi! Welcome to my weekly email! It's been another great week in Antony! So much happened!

On Tuesday we spent the whole day in the Temple Visitors Center. Days like that can be kind of hard because you're doing the same thing for most of the day, but they're super satisfying. Last zone conference our mission president talked about how when we get out of comfort zone and keep working, that's usually when miracles happen! And this was super true on Tuesday! At the end of the day, Elaine S Dalton came in! We were super excited to meet her and talk to her because she is the previous president of the church's young women's organization! 

She gave us some great advice! She said first and foremost, to follow the prophet, President Russell M Nelson. He is giving us great and clear steps to prepare ourselves for things to come. He has invited us to to so many wonderful things!

Soeur Ethington and I had to cut our conversation with Sister Dalton short to talk with a girl from Bordeaux who came into the Center. We had such a great experience with her talking about the temple and by the end, we had all really felt the spirit. Soeur Ethington and I both really felt like we needed to tell her how much Heavenly Father loves her. One of the awesome things about being a missionary is you get the opportunity so often to be the answer to people's prayers. 

Wednesday we had our first district meeting with my new district! We ate KFC and Éclairs (an obvious combination for France Paris missionaries). We talked about what our reason is for what we do as missionaries.

Zone Conference was on Friday. We did some awesome practice for finding new people to teach. President explained to us how he's been focusing on talking with new people about his family and how the gospel blessed his family. He told us how he's never had anyone interrupt him when he approached them this way and how he has had so much success from it. So Sœur Ethington and I were so excited to try this, we did it on the way home! With high expectations and all this inspiration from zone conference, I walk up to this lady who was waiting for the train and start talking to her about my family. She interrupts me and says she not interested. To my great surprise, I wasn't even all that disappointed or discouraged. I knew I'd done all that I could to invite that woman, and I have faith that Heavenly Father will turn the little seed that I planted with that lady into something great. 

That experience reminded me a lot of something sister Dalton said to us on Tuesday. She told us how even when we aren't teaching or talking to people, we're still sharing to gospel simply by our presence. People can feel and recognize the light that comes from Christ! We have to know that everything we do makes a difference 😊

In other news, for P day this week we went to Notre Dame and I put a pigeon on my head! 

I hope you all have a great week and that you make it to the end of this long email haha! 
Love you! 

Soeur Ackroyd 

Us with S. Meunier, 1/2 of the new temple couple.

Fun ice cream we ate by Notre Dame today!
The view from their amazing apartment

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