Monday, 1 October 2018

The End of Fall?

I'm writing this as it is snowing non-stop. I'm not ready for winter to start! Fall was way too short.

I decided I ought to post more about our life rather than just Jill's or some of you might think we have nothing going on.

A sad miss this week: One of my former companions, Sister Gibb (now she's Sister Bell), came to the Paris temple this week! Unfortunately, she didn't cross paths with Jill. She had been in Rome (I think) and had a long layover in France so they stopped by the visitor's center. I don't know what day it was - but she said Jill wasn't there. They went bike riding around Versailles after that. What a great thing to do!

This week at seminary they have to do construction on a water main or something. All I know is it means there is no water in the building - that means no toilets!! They were kind enough to bring us a port-a-pottie. I hate it. I think I have PTSD from when our school had port-a-potties. Although, I must admit, it fits well with the church history theme. They didn't have flush toilets :)  I guess I'll survive.

The construction was underway when I was leaving today!

Allen and I had a fun time this past weekend. On  Friday, we went over to the NAckroyds. I hadn't seen their new house yet. It is beautiful!! It was fun to visit with them. On Saturday, we went out with Amber and Kevin Walton. We went out for something to eat because it is Pizza Week here in YYC! We laughed and laughed and talked and talked for hours. Great times!

This past week at school we had our Terry Fox run. We go over to the middle school and so does the North East elementary. That means there are about 800 kids there. It's total chaos. I can't believe I can bring 21 kids over there and scatter them amongst 800 kids and not lose a single one. LOL A miracle! I got LOTS of steps in that day! This week is Learning Conferences. I have so much to do to get prepared for that! No time for rest, I guess.

Tonight at dinner Allen and Peirce and I were talking about getting ready for General Conference. I think I'm going to plan on prayerfully coming up with a couple questions and then looking for answers to those questions at conference. I love conference weekend!

Chico has not been feeling well today. He is walking strange and is very sensitive. He won't even come lay down with anyone. He wants to sleep alone under the desk in the basement. I have no idea how he got hurt. Oh dear. Poor Chico. You can't even take a grumpy dog like that to the vet so it's hard to help him.

It's time for a new book club month!! I really love buying all the books. It fills some sort of crazy book-buying need that I have. ahhhhhh!!

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