Saturday, 1 November 2008

Harriett's Halloween Candy

Today we got to volunteer at Storybook Theatre. It was a lot of fun! We helped patrons find their seats and then we got to watch the play! After the play we had lunch with the actors. It was a really fun experience for us! To see how they organize props, find out what the green room was like, and to chat with the stage manager and lighting director and accompiast and the actors made it all very real and very fun for Jill and Peirce

This is a picture Peirce took of the set. It's one of the houses on the street where they went trick or treating:

This is Peirce with Harriett, the star of the show!

The story was about a girl named Harriet that loves Halloween. She especially loves candy, and there's no way she is going to share that with anyone! Young Theatre-goers will no doubt relate to Harriet's pursuit of all things sugar, while parents will appreciate that Harriet eventually learns friends trump even chocolate. The play was full of all sorts of fun music. We LOVED it!

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