Saturday, 22 November 2008

A Dragon's Christmas

Peirce and I volunteered at their Cookie Cabaret (Jill had a swim meet so she couldn't come along). These are plays especially for 3-5year olds. They're about an hour long and the actors interact with the audience quite a bit. The kids get to sit on the floor right at the edge of the stage. It's quite a lot of fun (although Peirce did tell me he's too old now for some of the action songs they make the kids baby is growing up!)

This day Peirce and I got to work in the concession. They sell cookies, juice, coffee, and popcorn! Peirce LOVED it. He was in charge of scooping popcorn and having it ready for people to buy, and taking the money. He loves loves loves to sort money(perhaps his father's son in that regard?!). We also got to have lunch with the actors that day. They were a really fun group and were very friendly with Peirce. He felt like one of the crew! We're definitely planning to continue.
This play was about a dragon that is stealing all the Christmas food. The brave knights are unable to slay the dragon and tell tales of his big and dangerous it is. Since they're unsuccessful the king decides to send two little boys to get the dragon...and it turns out it's a baby dragon that's just plain hungry! It was really cute.

Jill and Peirce both really enjoy theatre and like to be in plays. I'd like to sign them up for some of their classes - but they're usually on a Saturday and I am not sure we can commit every Saturday for such an extended period of time. Far too many swim meets in our life right now! One of our next adventures will be to be in the pageant at Heritage Park. The kids and I are going to be in it and we're going to be shepherds!! Stay tuned for pictures. :0) We'd invite Allen to come be in it with us - but he might be busy with other things. He was just called to be on the High Council in our stake. And interestingly enough, one of his assignments is the pageant. Not sure what that all entails....but it's sure to be interesting!

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