Thursday, 27 November 2008

A Morning of Cooking and Baking

I went to a class last week on cooking with milk and with soy's milk. It got me reading about the benefits of okara - the gook that's left after we make soy milk. Normally I was it down the garberator but after the class I decided maybe I'd revisit the uses of okara and see if I couldn't do something with it. I've started putting it on our bread. You can't taste it, and apparently it is a great source of protein. I may never go back to buying bread again. The bread I've been making lately is a huge hit around here! This time I also threw in some oats, sunflower seeds and flax seeds as well.

Whenever I make bread I try to make a different kind of buns. Last week I made the kind that you make in muffin tins with three little balls of dough. This week I thought I'd try subs! I'm excited to try these in the kids lunches. I think they'll really enjoy them. I might even see if I can find a pan like the ones they use at Subway and do this more often.

I was on a roll this morning so I decided to get busy on tonight's dinner. Here's the Shepherd's Pie Simplistic from the Company's Coming recipe book:

I also made some puffed wheat squares for after-school snacks today. I decided to cut up the whole pan and wrap them up individually and put them away. I'm trying to save myself from those narrow long strips I always cut off and nibble on all day long when I make these!
We're having carrots with our Shepherd's Pie tonight so while I was at it I decided to cut up carrots and celery for tomorrow's lunches too. I am trying to always make lunches the night before (well, maybe except for the sandwich if I'm putting sandwiches in that day). It makes our mornings so much better if lunches are made the night before!

Nothing like a morning in the kitchen. I keep contemplating taking on a teaching job again...and after days like this where I'm able to get things done ahead of time so that our evening is a little less chaotic it makes me really wonder if I want to give up this working from home life that I enjoy so much.

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Becky said...

Great pictures of a great morning! I always feel great getting this kind of thing accomplished (even though part of me still wishes that food would majically cook itself-I guess thi s is the next best thing!).