Monday, 3 November 2008

So Grown Up

Overheard at dinner today:

Jill: I feel so grown up
Peirce: Why?
Jill: Because as we speak I'm doing a load of laundry. And I just cut my muffin without destroying it...AND I know how to do a wheelie on my bike now.
Peirce: That doesn't mean you're grown up. If you were grown up you would be able to cook.
Jill: Ha! I can cook spaghetti and deviled eggs too!
Peirce: Well, you're still not grown up because you have to be 18 to be an adult.
Jill: Whatever. I'm very precocious you know!

A few minutes later Jill witnessed Peirce cutting his muffin and also not destroying it as he did it. She was aghast.

I said: He's precocious too Jill. He must have got that from you.

She was suitably pleased.

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