Sunday, 2 November 2008

Primary Talks

Today Peirce and Jill were both asked to give talks in Primary. Jill wrote her talk all on her own. She wrote one version and then this morning decideds he needed to change it and re-wrote the whole thing. She did a terrific job!

We've discovered that cue cards work well for Peirce. We made cards and he drew pictures on them to remind him of what to say. He stood up there all on his own and did the whole thing!

I felt as though my chest might burst with pride.

In FHE we read a scripture that said that Jesus said we should do our service in secret

So we made cookies and we took them to our neighbors. We rang the doorbell and RAN!

I felt excited!

All the next week we tried to do secret service every day.

Everyone in my family was happy. It was nice.

I have a testimony that service makes you happy.

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