Tuesday, 11 November 2008

Sir Ken Robinson

I just love this guy! Every time I hear him speak the things he says ring so true in my mind!

He talks about education and has a wonderful refreshing approach to it all. You can read them here and here

I went to a class at BYU's Education Week, oh, about 58 years ago or so, that was on creativity and it was a really curious experience. I have never forgotten the things that were said there - but have always been perplexed by them. The things Sir Ken Robinson talks about build on the things I heard there!

He says:

* In education we spend most of our time trying to stifle or inhibit imagination....not purposely, but systematically
* We are engaged globally in an education revolution, whether we like it or not. Things that we think are certain to happen do not happen in a revolution. Things we think are given are found out to not be true.
* The children starting school now will retire in 2070 and no one has a clue what the world will look like in 2070. We can hardly prepare people for jobs they'll try to secure two years out! Our educations systems are dominated by linear assumptions about what will be relevant to the future - and we don't really know what will be relevant to the future. The one thing we do know is it will not be linear.
* Why do we continually educate children by their 'date of manufacture'?
*He says creativity should be as important in education as literacy and numeracy (and oh man, is he singing my song there!)
*Curriculum, assessment and pedagogy are the three pillars of education. The only way to reform education is through pedagogy though. You only improve schools by improving teaching.

I could listen to this stuff forever!! (I know....I'm weird)

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