Friday, 14 November 2008

Crazy Hair Day

It's crazy hair day!

Jill's hair-brained idea....take a crochet hook and pull hair through straws. We stapled the ends to make them stay in. Make it 3 pony tails to make it a little crazier. We had planned to do the whole pony tail in straws - but it was taking a little longer than we thought it would so we threw a few braids in there too.

A little so-called temporary hair color (says it washes out in 8-10 shampoos...but that sure wasn't the case when Jill used the stuff....oh well....we'll cut it out probably before it washes it out) and some gel. The hair color (purple!) is in a lightening bolt shape on the side of the head...and a little spikey-ness on top.
Oh, and he's into painting rocks right now...that one is one of his favorites. :0)

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