Thursday, 10 December 2009

Christmas Concert: Teach the Children

Our school has had the most terrific Christmas concerts for the past two years...and they really are Christmas concerts!
Peirce got to play the role of Santa in the concert. The story was the 'Teach the Children' story where Santa asks someone to teach what all the symbols of Christmas mean.

Peirce's class all read their Christmas wishes. Peirce's wish was that his Papa's health would improve. Brought a tear to my eye (and apparently a few others as well!)

This video is hard to hear....but I posted it because it shows the beginning of the concert. Peirce was Santa and put an item on the "mantle: for each for each symbol of Christmas that they talked about.

Here's Peirce's class singing their song:

Quand la pere noel....

Sing for peace....

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