Sunday, 13 December 2009

I never knew.....

I never knew being a swimming parent would be like this

I never knew it would take up so much time

I never knew I'd enjoy being at the pool from 7 am - 9 pm all weekend long

I never knew I'd feel so disheartened about a timer telling my daughter to swim on the left when they meant the right

I never knew how hard it would be to get that straightened out mid-race

I never knew it would be so fun to cheer all the kids on the team on

I never knew there'd be so many good races

I never knew I'd be so glad I'm good at packing lots of food to take with us

I never knew my daughter would take off time practically every time she raced

I never knew it would be so heartbreaking to see your daughter get DQ'd

I never knew I'd enjoy visiting with other parents so much

I never knew it would be political

I never knew there was so much to learn

I never knew my 7 year old would enjoy having out watching swimming and playing with friends so much

I never knew my kids would form such great friendships with their swimming friends

I never knew those close races would give me such a flipsy stomach

I never knew I'd end up being a treasurer and spend hours volunteering and at meetings

I never knew I'd have to help with the coach evaluations and contracts

I never knew I'd appreciate coaches so much

I never knew it would be so inspiring to watch these kids compete and train

I never knew I'd get such a hoarse voice from all the cheering

I never knew I'd spend so much time driving to and from and watching practises

I never knew the coaches would be so influential in my kids

I never knew kids would make such amazing improvement from meet to meet

I never knew I'd rely so much on experienced parent swimmers

I never knew I'd form friendships with parents from other clubs

I never knew I'd see people so often that I don't know but recognize them since they're at every meet I'm at

I never knew owning a DS would be so handy

I never knew I'd want one of those big long lenses to get better pictures at meets

I never knew there'd be so many tears

I never knew there'd be so much joy

I never knew it would so great

I never knew I'd feel so proud

Jill's Meet Results from this past weekend:

100 free: seed time 1:33.13 new time: 1:23.84 (B time is 1:21.90)
400 free: seed time 6:26.41 DQd (time was 6:22:23) *Would have been a B,
but is a MQT
100 back: seed time 1:36.86 new time: 1:32.73 (B time is 1:32.60)
200 back: seed time 3:30.00 new time: 3:12.12 *B
50 breast: 51.04
100 breast: seed time 1:46.04 new time: 1:44.04 *B
200 breast: seed time 3:50.00 new time 3:44.63 (B time is 3:44.00)
100 fly: seed time 1:52.00 new time 1:32.76 *B
200 IM seed time: 3:21.99 new time 3:28.78 DQd (MQT is 3:26.90 and B is
3:22.70) Jill said she realized she was going to DQ and so he figured why push
herself on this one :0)

She also swam 2 with the preliminaries and getting into the finals she ended up swimming 12 races this weekend. WOW! What a weekend!

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