Sunday, 27 December 2009

Merry Christmas!

I forgot to take pictures at our own house. We spent Christmas Eve at the pageant being costume assistants, make up artists, parking attendants, and donkey kickers. Good times!

Our kids were up bright and early on Christmas Day (5:30 am kind of early!) We opened presents then went back to bed for some needed rest.

Christmas at the Jensen's:

After we opened presents we headed down to Lethbridge for Christmas dinner. Everyone was there in our Jensen family!

The coveted NY jersey signed by Brian Trottier!

Dad is home now!

Christmas at the Ackroyd's

Later that day we went to Raymond and spent most of Boxing Day there. Everyone in the Ackroyd family was there: Two grandparents, six kids, six siblings, 17 grandchildren, a cousin and cousin's son, and 1 dog. Talk about a full house!

Lots of snuggling time

Movies on a big screen!

Babies to hold and cousins to play with!

Lots of food and lots of visiting

Babies for everyone to hold!
Lots of catching up to do.
Family pictures, of course!
And interesting new books to read!

A great time was had by one and all!!

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