Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Good Books!

We are reading the greatest books these days!! It's funny how reading goes through phases. We sometimes travel through these dry deserts where there's nothing great to read anywhere..and then we suddenly find we're in a feast of great books! We're feasting right now. :0)

A friend introduced us to the Hank Zipzer books. They're hilarious! Peirce and I are reading Niagra Falls, Or Does It? They're by Henry Winkler...and if that isn't cool enough by itself I don't know what is! The books are laugh out loud funny. We get a good chuckle going every chapter, it seems!

Jill and I are reading Number the Stars again. We picked that book for the school book club. Can't wait to discuss it with them! I love reading books with Jill.

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