Thursday, 31 December 2009

Happy New Year!

One of these years I'm going to start a new trend for our family and send our Christmas Letters. I really do think about it, and I do try, but I rarely get it together. I've been looking through posts though, trying to get my letter done (still not finished!) but it's been fun! I thought I'd share my favorite posts of 2009:

1. I can't pick just one for January 2009. I had two great surprises in January. One was my dear friend and former companion,, and the other was when Allen bought Jill and I tickets to Stomp!

2. It's hard to believe that Jill has only been swimming competetively for a year. I think this was her second meet. Seems like forever ago!! Swim Meets and swim practise have become a mainstay in our life.

3. One great thing in 2009 was that I started a new job. This post in March marked the day that I could officially move on as all my work from 2008 was finally paid. I've really enjoyed this year with the new company I work for. The recession caused things to not quite be as lucrative as I'd hoped, but I'm still glad to have made the change. It's a great company and I'm glad to work for them.

4. In April I got to go on a fieldtrip with Peirce's class. They got to to attend COP school. It was a really great experience to attend. I love the pictures in this post. I wish school could be like this more often. The learning there seemed to be so memorable and so authentic. I loved it!

5. In May I got called as the Primary President for our ward. I can't this is a great post or anything, but being called to work in primary has been really great, and I think deserves mentioning. I've loved it so far!

6. In 2009 Peirce learned to ride a bike. It was life-changing. The funny thing was we had to work so hard to convince him to give it a shot! I had a post that I had written where I took pictures of videos of a FHE where we decided we were going to make him learn to ride (which didn't go very well) but Peirce really hated those pictures and videos so I deleted the post. After a lot of tears we talked to him about bike-riding and said we would never force him to ride his bike and that he could just learn on his own when he thought he was ready. Well, he tried and tried and tried...and he finally did it! This summer he spent a LOT of time bike-riding. It was really great. Here's one of my favorite pictures of him riding his bike.

7. In 2009 we really made great strides on our efforts to accumulate a better food storage. It's interesting because our income was not stellar at all in 2009...but through it all somehow we were able to accumulate more food storage than we've ever had. What a blessing! I've really appreciated the Provident Living co-op and our stake's Provident Pantry workshops. What a blessing!

8. In the summer we had a lot of fun! Attending a drive-in movie of Grease (the sing-along version!) was quite memorable! Good times!

9. I've wanted these lunch boxes for so long...and I still love them! The truth is, I don't mind making lunches at all. I made some 'systems' this year to help me make lunches more interesting and I think it's least I feel better about the lunches I send with my kids to school!

10. We've always talked about going away somewhere for General Conference weekend - and this year we finally did it. We went to Drumheller. Kind of seems like an odd destination of choice, but we sure had a good time there! Definitely a memorable weekend.

11. Not my favorite topic, but it can't be ignored in significant events in 2009. My dad was diagnosed with cancer in the Spring. In November the diagnosis became more dire and they determined that he had two to six weeks to live. We've had many blessings along the way, and move of all we're grateful that the predictions were wrong and he's still fighting! We're still hanging on for a miracle.

12. Visiting with family in December has been really wonderful. Also very memorable was our family's experiences, thanks to Allen's assignment, with the Pageant. It was a lot of work, a lot of memories, and we'd do it again!

So that's it. 2009 has been full of great memories and great blessings.

Oh, and here's a fun post I ran into today. 12 Oddest Stories of 2009! Enjoy!

Looking forward to 2010!!

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