Saturday, 5 December 2009

Not since March 1998!!

In March 1998 I was pregnant with Jill - and we had a doozie of a snow storm. The one this weekend rivals that one!! It's not that cold...but man, is there a lot of snow! Today we drove from Lethbridge back to Calgary. The highways were good...but when you get into the city streets, especially the side streets, it's a challenge! So much for our mild winter!

Here are a few pictures I borrowed from other websites! The links are noted under each picture.,%20ab/upload/


marcella said...

Brrrrrr! The pictures make me want to curl up with hot chocolate. Is it enough snow to keep you housebound or do they plow the roads quickly there?

Dawn said...

Well, they don't plow all the streets - but after this snowfall there was some public pressure to do some side streets. Some people couldn't get out of their neighborhood because of huge drifts.

What a life!