Monday, 19 April 2010

Eight is Great!

Our Peirce will be 8 on Saturday, and he gets to have his baptism on his actual birthday - just like Jill did. Tonight we planned everything for it. It's so fun to see how excited he is for it, and also how excited Jill is for him. These are the moments in motherhood that I really love. I hope the day is as special as he hopes it will be.

On Sunday he had his interview with the Bishop. He looked forward to it all week. As he sat outside his office waiting for his turn he started to get a little nervous. He said to me, "What happens if I don't know one of the answers??!" Then the Bishop came out and invited him to come in. He turned to me with a bit of a panic on his fact and said, "Oh no! I can't remember the prophet's name! Mom!" LOL

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Gilly said...

That is so cute. I had forgotten they have an interview with the bishop. We had an FHE on Baptism as well. Alice turns eight on May 5 and her baptism will be the following week. It is so exciting!