Monday, 5 April 2010

Spring Break Countdown

Today we decided to head downtown and use our free pass to the Police Interpretive Center that we got on Jill's fieldtrip. Riding the bus was a great adventure! So many strange people and interesting things going on! It was really fun to watch Jill and Peirce experience it all. When we got downtown we decided we would first check out the Olympic Athlete special recognition ceremony happening at Olympic Plaza. it was lots of fun! We were glad it was because after we left there to get to our planned destination we found out it was closed today! So we wandered around some more, enjoyed Starbucks and the downtown stores and sights along the way. All in all we had a good time! We came home in time for swim practise (how could they still not be too tired to swim too?!) and then headed off to Raymond for tomorrow's last chance at Spring Break fun.

...and when I figure out how to get pictures off my cell phone I'll post some here!

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