Friday, 23 April 2010

Hitmen Win!

And so do we.

Our Swim Club volunteers at hockey and football games selling 50/50 tickets. Tonight we were asked to go sell the tickets because everyone in the club is gone to a meet in Fernie. We stayed home for Peirce's baptism. I really had to talk Allen into going....he hated the idea. In the end he succumbed and we went - and it was a great time! I am shocked at how much money people will drop into those draws. We took Peirce with us and he worked the machine and I handled the money. He'd take off and go watch the game now and then and then come back and help. We had a great time! The draw tonight was $30,000 in total! Imagine going home from the hockey game with $15,000. Now that's a fun night!

For us, we're just happy that we probably paid off our meet account as well. YEA!

The Hitmen won their game tonight (last in the series). It was a great time!

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