Sunday, 11 April 2010

Sunday Seven - April 11, 2010

1. Primary - Today at church I almost felt giddy with how much I enjoy primary. I love the kids. I love doing Sharing Time. I love hearing them sing. I love interacting with the teachers. I just love it!

2. Being a two car family again! Well, truth is, we're not quite yet - but almost! This trying to find a good used vehicle is a lot of work, and time - time that we don't seem to have. The other day Allen that what we need is for one to fall into our lap - and then one did! YEA!!

3. Subbing - I am so glad the Charter School I sub at is back in school this week. Hopefully there's some sick teachers out there who will still need a break :0)

4. Ya! 4's!! Peirce had a good week of school this week and got two 4's. I hope that can continue!

5. Potential new projects. I got word this week that there is a potential new project on the horizon and they asked if I'd work on the pilot. I'm excited about it!

6. Realization that things do always work out for the best. I lost my job a number of years ago with the first mystery shopping company I worked at. After I was gone they went through another merger (they had one nasty one while I was there) with a company in the US. Well, now they've closed the Calgary office. I drove by it on Saturday and it is gone. No signs. No furniture. No nothing. Totally gone. So glad I was already gone too!

7. Good health. I've really felt good the last week or so. I am grateful to be feeling so great and realize this is a direct result from the blessing I got a couple weeks ago. So grateful!

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Becky said...

I'm glad that all of those good things have happened for you. :)