Sunday, 18 April 2010

Sunday Seven

1. Escaping the storm - this week much of Alberta was lambasted with a big snow storm. Here in Calgary we didn't see a bit of snow! It's always nice when the farmers get what they need (moisture) and us city slickers don't have to partake!

2. Temples! We learned this week that the ground breaking for the Calgary temple will be May 15. I'm so excited to have a temple in Calgary!

3. Good kids - my kids have played outside together much of today and have enjoyed it! They get along well most days...and I'm grateful for that. It's a thrill for me to watch them play together.

4. Swimming - Jill has really grasped the whole swim club thing. She loves working out and she is getting into great shape. She likes to have me feel how strong her muscles are getting...and they are! Recently she got moved up and now gets to go to Saturday practises...something she's been wanting to do for a long time!

5. In our ward today we talked about the restoration and so in Jr Primary we watched The First Vision. I was amazed at how intently they watched (the magic of TV?) I thanked them at the end for being so reverent so that everyone could learn the story and feel the spirit and then I bore my testimony to them about Joseph Smith. I told them that my heart felt warm and that that was the spirit telling me again that the story was true. One boy said that his heart was burning too. It was so cute. I said to him, "Well, you must know it's true too!" and he said with great enthusiasm, "I do!"

6. A clean house - I've worked hard this week to get caught up on a few things I've let slide the past few months. On Saturday Peirce was a big helper too and then when Jill came home from her practise she did a bunch of chores too. I really love a clean house!

7. Spring! I'm so grateful for Spring. This Spring truly feels like a new beginning. I wonder what changes are in store for us. Looking forward to watching it all unfold!

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