Sunday, 4 April 2010

Sunday Seven

Things I'm grateful for this week:

1. My mom! It was my mom's birthday last Sunday and so after church we made a quick get away and took off to Lethbridge. There were a few relatives there when we got there and a few more that dropped by. It was great to visit with my mom and wish her a happy birthday.

2. Art Camp! This week Peirce got to attend an Art Camp. It was the perfect thing for him. He LOVES to do crafts and this camp gave him opportunities to do that all day long (without me having to supervise or clean up!) We were both happy about that.

3. Sunshine! It did peek out a few times this week. There's nothing I love more than the sun beating down on me while I'm sitting at my desk at home working. Bliss!!

4. Good kids. We had guests here for the weekend, and they played with their cousins. I'd hear them talking in a way that was kind and patient, and it made me so grateful!

5. Pigs! We got a pig this weekend. It's in our freezer. I love a full freezer!

6. Easter! What a fun morning we had. The Easter bunny brought a few little gifts, we painted eggs, then we taked about the real Easter story, went to Conference, and then had a family dinner. Talk about a fun-filled packed full and great day. Loved it!

7. Life! I just feel like my life is so good right now. I feel God's love, and I feel happy. Life is good.

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