Friday, 4 January 2013

2012 - The Review

I've never really been one to go back and read my old journals, or, now, old blog posts. I've been taking some time to do that this week and it has really been interesting. I sure didn't blog as much as usual in 2012. I have resolved to do better in 2013.

The temple was a big part of 2012. We started off the year with Moroni being hoisted on top of the steeple, continued to watch the construction, took part in the open house, youth celebration   and dedication, and now get to attend. I'm thinking that should be my focus for 2013.....attending a lot!

I had a fantastic year teaching, with plenty of laughs (here and here), plenty of fun, some scary times (what was I thinking?), and the joy of being offered another year's contract. I continue to pray each day that I will be able to continue on again next fall, and I'm bold enough in my prayers to  ask that I even be offered a probationary contract. I truly love love  love my job.

I became a bit of a book missionary in 2012. I feel compelled to share my love of reading with people and try to do that with parents of students, students, friends, and other adults I know. And I've had a great time reading on my own. In the summer I took on a book-a-day challenge. I think it changed my approach to reading forever. I decided too, that since my blog was getting so full of books, it was time to start a separate book blog.

We also saw a number of plays with Storybook theatre. Robert Munsch,  Little Women (with some of my favorite students!),and others that I never did get around to blogging about. Now Storybook Theatre has moved to our own neighborhood and I look forward to being even more involved.

I experienced sadness in dear friend's lives, funny times with our kids, and spent a lot of time at the pool. We still have our damn dog.  We had family reunions, took part in The Stampede, and went on a trip with the fam jam. We experienced the terror of watching our neighbor's house burn down. I started walking and  have continued on through the fall, and love it. I seem to even be seeing good resultsPeirce started grade 5, and Jill, who seems to run life at a whirlwind pace, started seminary, is in her last year of Junior High, and spent the summer and fall earning money to go to a swim camp (which started out being planned to go to Hawaii, then Puerto Rico, but they ended up in California). Jill and Peirce are both still swimming with NCSA and love it. Allen is still working with Primerica and loves it. He is serving in the Bishopric as first counsellor and between work and church responsibilities, stays very busy.

So that's it! That's us, in a nutshell. Here's to 2013!!

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