Sunday, 27 January 2013

Scenes From Saturday

In our house we are often in bed as early on Friday night as any other weeknight. Saturdays start early, and this was no exception. We were at a swim meet.

This is the officials meeting prior to the meet. Lots of officials today!! There were two pools - girls swimming in one and boys in the other. Lots of help is needed to run these meets. Here we're all getting the scoop on how the meet is to be run. Looks like chaos, but it's actually pretty organized.

 Warm up for the kids....more stuff that looks like chaos but is organized. Well, mostly chaotic.

Take your marks!! I'm pretty sure that is Jill, lane 6, at the beginning of her 200 free

Peirce waiting for his turn to race

Peirce, lane 2. Take your marks!

Jill, being very serious about warming up

It was a great day. Peirce inches closer to an MQT every meet. Jill is points of a second away from her A time. Jill made it to the finals for all her races, and Peirce did for one. It was a great day!

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